​​​​​​Doula Briana
Birth Doula  &  HypnoBirthing Educator
Supporting Birthing Families in the South Bay and West Los Angeles 

dou-la:  a woman who serves
Welcome to the journey of parenthood. Whether this is your first pregnancy or your third, seeking support and understanding about the many changes and options before you is a big help. For many of us pregnancy is the first time we really think about what kind of a birth we want to have and learn about doulas. 

I believe the more we understand, prepare and feel supported the more successful we are likely to be in our goals, and the more satisfying the overall experience will be. Bringing a new life into your family is a major life changing event. Having a good foundation of understanding and support can make a big difference for you during this special time of growing a family. And we now have a wealth of infomation from studies showing the many advantages of having a doula during labor and childbirth. They include: a decrease in the use of medical interventions and caesarean deliveries, lower pain levels, shorter labors and overall more positive experience giving birth. Those benefits in turn increases the likelihood of better bonding with your baby, greater success in breastfeeding and an easier recovery for mother.

Finding the right doula for you, to support you during pregnancy and the process of laboring and birthing is a wonderful way to demystify the experience and feel prepared and confident. As a doula I serve as your advocate, a source of knowledge and understanding and provide comfort measures to help ease you through birthing. As a HypnoBirthing educator I teach a comprehensive childbirth preparation course.

Having an educated and experienced ally during pregnancy and birthing is a gift for you and your partner. The day your baby is born is one of the most remarkable experiences in life, you will remember it always. 

We have a secret in this culture, it's not that birth is painful, it's that women are strong.                       ~Laura Stavoe Harm                                  
If a doula were a drug it would be                    unethical not to use it.  
                                    ~John H. Kennel MD